Friday, September 18, 2009

Labor Day Weekend & Swimming

Jackson loves to swim! We have 2 pools in our neighborhood that he splashed around in all summer. Now that summer is ending, he and I are taking swimming lessons every Wednesday night at an indoor pool. Here are some pics at our last day at the neighborhood pool.

I love to watch my doggies play in the back yard

Jackson has figured out how to walk his jeep around the kitchen to get to the back door and watch his dogs in the yard. Some fun pics...and yes, I know he is naked (he does have a diaper on).

Jackson's First Trip to the Midwest

This past weekend Jackson took his first trip to the Midwest. What a trooper he is...3 states in 3 days. We landed at Midway on Friday morning about 9 am (after having left our house for the airport at 3:45 am). From Midway we went straight to Battle Creek, MI to visit Scott's grandmother who is 93 years old. Jackson met his great grandmother, his great grandmother's twin sister, his great Aunt Marty, his great Uncle Sam, his third cousin Aurora, and his second cousin Chris. So much fun getting to catch up with everyone and watch the little ones play together.

From Battle Creek we headed to Valparaiso, Indiana. We got stayed with Bill and Heather (thank you guys for letting us take over your house...and for getting us baby gear). Saturday, Jackson and I went to our first popcorn festival....the 31st one!!! Later that day we went to Tom Phillip's wedding and were so excited to find out that he and his wife are having a boy. Jackson will have a new friend coming soon! And Saturday night we got to spend catching up with all of our Valpo friends.

Sunday we had to say goodbye to everyone, but before we did, there were a few hot spots hit in Valpo. First off, let me just tell you, that I have a new favorite coffee shop. Something like Blackberry on the main square in Valpo. Best ice tea!!! I will be stopping there every time we are in town. We also did a drive by of the old Turner house which the new family was keeping up great. And then before we said goodbye, team Turner hit Walmart to stock up on Cubs and Bears gear for both Jackson and Scott.

After a trip to Lake Michigan for Jackson to play in the sand, we head to Chicago for the night. After a yummy dinner at Bandera on Michigan Avenue, and some great people watching, we headed back to the hotel for Scott to watch the Bears (not play so well).

Enjoy some fun pics of our trip!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jackson's First Rockies Game

The child is spoiled. At 4 months Jackson was sitting 10 rows up behind home plate watching the Rockies and the Padres.

Jackson's Smile

I know I am a little biased, but I think my baby has the best smile. Not only that, but he is always happy. I don't know where he came from because Scott and I are just not that happy. Jackson laughs and smiles at everything. We were in a bind the other night with a babysitter, Scott was working, and I was throwing a bachelorette party. Jackson had to come to the party with me for about 45 minutes. You should have seen him. He just set there and worked the crowd. Every girl got a smile and I swear he was winking at each of them. What a ladies man. Here are some random pictures of the cuttie.

Jackson and Scott Laughing

Another fun video of Jackson giggling.

I love my frog bathrobe

Jackson loves bath time! He will lay there completely relaxed and stare at himself in the mirror. After his bath he always gets a massage, and then likes to lay around in his bathrobe. Here is Jackson chilling out with Scott as Scott works on his laptop.